Customs clearance


  • customs clearance of cargo import to Russia, cargo export from Russia
  • information on amount of customs duties and charges in Russian Federation;
  • organization of the full range of logistics services and services of technical support of goods coming to Russia from all over the world;

Customs services in case of clearance of import and export goods include the following range of services:

  • selection of TN VED codes (foreign economic activity commodity classification codes);
  • preparation of set of documents and completion of customs declarations;
  • cargo customs clearance cost optimization, calculation and entry of customs payments;
  • representation and protection of interests of customer’s company with regulatory bodies, since by trusting us with completion of declarations and representation of your interests with customs control bodies you will avoid worries, unnecessary costs and delays in cargo release for free circulation;
  • cargo customs clearance in Russian Federation.

Advantages of working with us:

  • customs clearance of general cargo, as well as chilled meat, excise cargo, including alcohol, cigarettes, self-propelled vehicles;
  • free consultations;
  • individual approach;
  • full range of customs services in Russia;
  • delivery of general cargos;
  • cargo insurance;
  • multimodal “door-to-door” transportation;
  • possibility of remote release of goods

Please use inquiry form or submit inquiries for calculation to Customs Clearance Department by email:

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